Welcome to Columbia Junction !

G Scale bridges and accessories for garden railways and dioramas.

These castings are made of resin and calcium carbonate (limestone) flour. This material will stand up to many years outdoors and is unaffected by water. The base color is cast in. Smith Paints is used to paint or stain then a low-lighting wash is applied .  I enjoy sharing these and I make them as affordable as possible. I try to have all the items seen here listed in the store but I won't list what I can't ship the same day.  Feel free to email me with questions, quantities and availabilities. Best to join my newsletter.
Cocker Bridge     Townfarm Crossing     Bases and Piers
Cocker Bridge (out of production)                 Townfarm  Crossing           Bases / Piers / Abutments
modular post and walls        Two culvert styles         Three Finishes
Modular post and wall                                                                 Culverts                                                               Pedestal
Welcome sign     Tunnel Portal     Columbia State Park  
  Signage                                          Tunnel Portal                                   Columbia, California  
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